Tiara Janté

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I've established myself as both a freelance content producer for various blogs and publications.  I'm also a published author and ghostwriter.


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Public Relations

"Whether creative or informative writing, Tiara has a unique way of captivating her audience with her use of words in a way that others can't. Her booklet "From Bylines To Pitches" was a very straightforward guide that packs a powerful punch..".-Jimmika Robinson, Founder/Writer, As Told By Mika

About Me

Oak PR
Co-Founder/managing director
As a publicist/public relations professional my expertise is creating stategic communication plans for my clients. I specialize in pitching brands to press and gaining them media coverage as well as social media management.
HOMETOWN: Hillside, NJ
CURRENT HOME: Lehigh Valley, PA
DEGREE: BA, English

I am the Co-Founder of Oak PR, a boutique Public Relations firm. I specialize in pitching brands to press and social media management.

I'm an accomplished professional editor for authors as well as blogs and related platforms. 

"Tiara does a great job touching on topics that evoke emotions and stir up conversations. She goes beyond the cliché themes and takes a deeper dive into what women are really feeling, and shares her truth in a way that's both honest and refreshing." Kiah McBride, Managing Editor, xoNecole

I believe in the power of the written word. I've seen it transform lives first hand.

Now I have the daily privilege of using words to help bring new worlds into focus, important issues to the forefront, and positive change to people and their communities.

In addition to my freelance writing, I am also a published author. My first book, 'From Pitches to Bylines: A Mini Guide for Digital Media Professionals' reached Amazon's Top 100 in PR during the first week.  My upcoming novel, 'Exo', a dystopian based Sci-Fi thriller is scheduled for release early 2017.  I also ghostwrite in the genres of Urban Romance and Speculative Fiction.

 "Tiara is a valued addition to the BSF team, and her versatility and writing abilities have made her one of our most well rounded contributors."-Robert Jeffrey, Editor in Chief, Black Sci-Fi

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